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A-Parts Mini RC I Spy Remote Control Tank Car with 0.3 MP Video Camera and 777-270 Wi-Fi, White

Features:Remote Control,Flashing


Design:Spy Tank

Model Number:CG703


Charging Time:120 minutes

Charging Voltage:look instruction

Control Channels:4 Channels

Controller Mode:MODE2

Remote Control:Yes

State of Assembly:Ready-to-Go

Controller Battery:usb charging

Warning:Follow all the instruction in the manual

Brand Name:I_spy

Remote Distance:20 meters

Age Range:12-15 Years,Grownups



Action Time:about 40 minutes

WIFI link:in reference to instructions
Remote terminal:support all electronic equipment of Apple Android

APP Name:I-spy MINI

Charging method:USB charging

Pixel:0.3 million

Product Features

  • I_spy Wifi Controlled Mini Wilreless Spy Tank Rc Car with 0.3mp Hd Camera (White)
  • Controllable from far away via your iPad, iPhone, this tank will follow your navigational instructions and stream video back to your handset via WIFI
  • 4-direction remote controlled by iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad via a Wi-Fi network
  • 0.3MP camera, stream live video and take photo, WIFI connection
  • Mini size (10*12*6 cm)and wireless control,Lots Fun playing with it around the house

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Do Desulfators Restore Amp-Hours? Lead Acid Battery experiment

so i left my desulfator connected to this Trojan T-105 golf cart battery for 2 months and it seems to have no effects.

previous video

the discharge results in that video where 52.9 AH the results in this video where 53.5 AH. the differance is just the normal variations between charges.

so this does confirm my suspicion that desulfators might not do much, but it needs several more in-depth tests to show for sure. after all the desulfator i got was cheep and it arrived broken so i had to fix it.

music: Gremlins 2 on the Nintendo Entertainment System

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Boddenly WIFI Wireless HD 1080P Baby Monitor Tank Car Camera APP Control Movement Motion IP Camera Home or Business Security Surveillance Video Monitoring Camera with Wireless Charging Pad

if you don’t know how to connect wifi , here is the setup video
Local cloud companion :
Remote cloud companion:
◆ Surveillance cameras: hd camera
◆ Lens focal length: 3.6 mm
◆ Yuntai control: horizontal vertical 120 degrees 355 degrees
◆ Computer monitoring: the CMS client
◆ Infrared lamp irradiation distance: 15 m
◆ Mobile phone APP: YOOSEE cell phone monitoring software
◆ Control: mobile control vehicles movement
◆ Image Sensor: 1035 CMOS Sensor
◆ Resolution: 1280 p / 1280 * 960 * 720 p
◆ Lens: 3.6 (mm)
◆ Operating system: the iphone, the device, and most of the android smart tablets and mobile phones.
◆ Connection mode: AP, CLIEN, two kinds of mode, P2P remote monitoring, a key to configure the network.
◆ Wifi parameters: wifi802.11 B/G/N
◆ Remote control distance: local connection is a distance of 30 m, remote control cloud with need to where the router wifi signal can cover.
◆ The antenna parameters:3.0  DBI wifi antenna
◆ Pixel: full hd 1.3 million pixels – the CUT infrared wireless camera with IR 720 p (1280 * 720)
◆ Function: the implementation of the visual transmission video remote monitoring, can take pictures and video.
◆ Battery parameters: built-in 3.7 V, 3000 MHA high capacity lithium battery.
◆ Battery life: play car for 2 hours, standby 8 hours, charging 4 hours.
◆ Wireless charging: equipped with wireless charger, just connect the power, the car charging can be wirelessly.
1 x host
1 x wifi antenna
1 x USB charging line
1 x plug
1 x wireless charging pad
1 x instruction

Product Features

  • Wireless charging: equipped with wireless charger, just connect the power, the car charging can be wirelessly.
  • Taking picture:full hd 1.3 million pixels,1280*960P camera,H.264 video aompression format allow you photographing or recording streamy.
  • Remote Contral : You can control the tank through your smart phone forward,backup and turn around and record video and take photos
  • Baby(PET )Monitor :when you away from home and want to keep an eye on your baby or pet ,even talk through.
  • Operation System:IPhone,IPad, IPod and Great Majority of Android Smart Phone and Smart Tablet

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