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Car Air Purifier and GPS Tracker with No Monthly Fee,IRONHAMMERS Multi-Function Car Ionizer Air Purifier | Remove Dust, Pollen, Smoke & Bad Odors with Real Time 3G Car GPS Tracking & Anti-Theft Alarm

  • Product Highlight –
  • : Best of the Best : We worked hard to provide the best of both , an air purifier with an integrated GPS system that gives you and your family and your car the gift they deserve and Provide you with fresh air and a healthy life. Ideal for people who suffer from allergies, nasal, stuffiness, cough, sneezing, asthma. Reduce 99.9% of Allergens, Dust, Pollen, Smoke, Odors, Pet Dander, Formaldehyde, Mold spores and TVOC.

  • GPS –
  • : keep in track of your beloved car in case it gets stolen or even keep in touch with your beloved ones in case they get lost and give yourself a peace of mind as a parent.

  • : The noise of the car purifier is lower 20dB, which is silent on the ears .

  • Portable and Compact-
  • : The compact size make it perfect for any small area , it can be placed in the cars cup holder .

  • Dual USB Port Available-
  • . Even though the car cigarette port was occupied by the car purifier, you can still charge your device via our car purifier.

  • Product Parameters-
  • Input-: 12V-1000mA
    Rated Power: <12W
    Anion Release: 5X106 PCS/cm3
    Noise: <20dB Surface
    GPS : UP TO 1 Meter ACCURACY :

  • Aluminum alloy Dimension-
  • : 5.9 x 2.6 Inch (Height x Diameter)

  • Pack Includes –
  • :
    1 x IRONHAMMERS Air Purifier & GPS
    1 x Car Charger for GPS & Purifier
    1 x Screwdriver
    1 x User Manual

  • Say goodbye to filters –
  • : the anion technology doesn’t require you to change filters .

  • An SMS card is needed to activate the integrated GPS feature-
  • .

    Product Features

    • ……………..Multi-Function : ……………………………………………………..Car Air Purifier and Real-Time GPS Tracker with No Monthly Fee ……………….
    • A Car Air Purifier is an anion generator,CAPTURES 99% of PM 2.5 airborne pollutants; allergies, mold, dust, pet dander, smoke and pollen ,it can produce 5X106 PCS/cm3 anion when working. Unlike other traditional air purifiers,It produces anion, which can neutralize and precipitate the positively charged air, and then purifies it. No need to change filter from now on
    • No Monthly Fee! Free Shipping! No Contract! 3G (also supports 2G) Realtime Car GPS Tracker with dedicated Highly accurate state-of-the-art GPS (uses Google Map) & SIM card , Comes with web account and Android/iOS apps. car product with Real Time Car GPS tracking, 3 Minutes Real-time GPS with 60/30/15 seconds GPS update upgrades available. No battery needed! Draws power from USB port and its built in battery that is rechargable .
    • Not just an air purifier for your car, but also a portable ion generator for your office desk or to use in hotels when traveling.and also Real-time 3G (also supports 2G) wireless connection supported in the US and all other countries . Geofence zone and Parental control Push Notification ,trip history, driving routs anti-theft detect and tracking , push notifications to you when the car exceeds the map diameter(parameter)placed on map by you.
    • HOW TO USE: Connect the purifier via car charger, press the power button, and the car purifier will start working. There are two USB ports on the car air GPS purifier, so you can still charge your devices while the purifier is working.regarding the usage of the integrated GPS system ,please refer to the included manual for more details ………………… 1 YEAR WARRANTY FOR REPLACEMENT AND ONE MONTH FOR REFUND : Your satisfaction is guaranteed thanks to our industry-leading warranty program

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    Smarthing Ionizer Car Air Purifier & Charger,Kill Bacteria,Remove Smoke,Smell,Bad Odor and Dust | 2-port USB for iPhone iPad,Samsung and More USB Device

    How to use:
    • Insert the head of the product into the car cigarette lighter socket. After the car starts, the cigarette lighter starts to work, then the air purifier & charger starts to run automatically
    • the USB plug of the electronic device into the product USB female socket, you can quickly charge mobile phones and other digital devices
    • At the same time anion air purifier also began to work, quickly purify the air
    • This product has a chip overload, overvoltage, overcurrent, over temperature protection. Intelligent, scientific design can be compatible with all car cigarette lighter socket. Safe and reliable

    Product Features:
    shell material:  Special ABS fire resistance
    shell processSeiko frosted:  Seiko frosted
    Negative ion concentration:  >300 million /cm³
    launching mode:  Carbon brush
    Applicable area:  3-5m²
    Working voltage:  DC12V-24V
    Working current:  0.6A
    most powerful:  7W
    power supply mode:  Car lighter
    USB output:  DC5V==2A
    Product size:  3.74*1.38*1.38in
    product weight:  50g

    Product Features

    • NEGATIVE ION BENEFITS: Positive and negative ions are present in the air. Positive ions can cause insomnia, headache, high blood pressure and other reactions. Negative oxygen ions improve respiration and lung function, affecting the central nervous system and blood circulation system. When the body inhaled negative oxygen ions 30 minutes later, the lungs to increase oxygen absorption by 20%, lower blood pressure, improve blood purification energy. It is also known as “Vitamin Air”
    • EFFECT OF AIR PURIFIER: It will increase the input voltage to DC or AC high voltage. Oxygen in the air is ionized, generating negative oxygen ions and ozone, resulting in reactive oxygen species. Negative oxygen ions can be quickly combined with other compounds in the air, effectively remove the air of the cationic smoke, sulfuric acid gas, chlorine oxides, carbon monoxide, odor. Forming a new oxide form, in order to keep the car clean and fresh air, remove dust and sterilization effect
    • AIR PURIFIER FEATURES: This product uses the car cigarette lighter socket for power. For mobile phones, tablet PCs, mobile power, driving recorder, electronic dog, GPS navigation and other digital devices to provide fast charging. While generating 3 million / s negative ions. Can effectively remove the car smell, formaldehyde, smoke, dust and other harmful substances. It looks stylish, fine workmanship. Is the best gift to a friend. In the process of travel, is also indispensable
    • DUAL-PORT USB CAR CHARGER: The product uses a smart chip that can charge two electronic devices at the same time. Able to detect and identify the majority of digital products, automatically adjust the output power.

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