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Cold 1/16/2018

As a cold winds blows on this Tuesday Jan 16th,2018 . We see Creekdale visitor visitor manager Lara Wood waiting impatiently for Mt Plumbing , heating and cooling worker Leroy Patrick ,to get his tools for he can look at hopefully fix the furnace for the visitor center . This winter has been real warm so far and center’s furnace was not need much ,but today something happen and now it only blowing cold air .

Leroy informers her that it can fix ,but he has order a part so it well be a few days . So for now the center is closed .Mt Plumbing , heating and cooling is based in Sparta the county seat of Neighboring county Hazzard Range . Creekdale a small census designated community a few miles west of county line and mid way between Philipsburg 45 miles and Sparta 45 miles .It sits on banks of Swift creek in Cuchillo Asesino canyon that is in the Agudo mts ,what is in Eastern part of Hazzard Range national Forest

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Do Desulfators Restore Amp-Hours? Lead Acid Battery experiment

so i left my desulfator connected to this Trojan T-105 golf cart battery for 2 months and it seems to have no effects.

previous video

the discharge results in that video where 52.9 AH the results in this video where 53.5 AH. the differance is just the normal variations between charges.

so this does confirm my suspicion that desulfators might not do much, but it needs several more in-depth tests to show for sure. after all the desulfator i got was cheep and it arrived broken so i had to fix it.

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