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Lead acid battery restoration desulfation recondition in 5 minutes for $ 1.oo epsom salt

Click this link to try it out! :
Bonus :

Use security glasses : Easy Lead acid battery desulfation recondition in house garage with regular EPSOM salt (lead-acid battery : 90 % can be reconditionned)

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Electric vehicle battery packs in a Vego 600sx electric scooter restoration

In this segment of the Vego 600sx scooter restoration we talk about batteries and battery math.

We take the battery pack and put it together on the dining room table to have room to discuss how batteries work, how we measure them, and the relative role of lead acid and lithium ion batteries.

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Do Desulfators Restore Amp-Hours? Lead Acid Battery experiment

so i left my desulfator connected to this Trojan T-105 golf cart battery for 2 months and it seems to have no effects.

previous video

the discharge results in that video where 52.9 AH the results in this video where 53.5 AH. the differance is just the normal variations between charges.

so this does confirm my suspicion that desulfators might not do much, but it needs several more in-depth tests to show for sure. after all the desulfator i got was cheep and it arrived broken so i had to fix it.

music: Gremlins 2 on the Nintendo Entertainment System

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DIY Fixing Lead Acid Batteries

Previous battery repair video

well here is an abnormally long video detailing my process of restoring lead acid batteries.

i may follow this up with a part two where i add epsom salt to the desulfated battery and see if the chemistry improves.

first song and third song are from Jersey Devil for Playstation 1.
2nd song is from Ty The Tasmanian Tiger for the Playstation 2.
3rd song by C418

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Lead Acid Battery Desulfation Using Epsom Salt –Add Solution to Dead Interstate battery Part 2 of 6

Using Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate) to Desulfate a Lead Acid Battery that has a dead cell.

Table of contents:
Part 1: Initial addition of the chemicals
Part 2: Adding Solution to Dead Interstate Megatron battery
Part 3: First Tests after Charging
Part 4: After Overnight Full Charge + Demoing Capacitive Desulfating Charger
Part 5: Using one of our custom built Capacitive Chargers to Pulse Desulfate Further.
Part 6: Interstate Battery after 1 week on Desulfating Charger + Solution

Build it Yourself Recommended Parts List!
12 Hr Timer:
Multimeter/Volt Meter:
Extension Cord:

K-Man Scooters & Electric Cars

This is a important video on desulfation of lead acid batteries. It is a very important method, to extend the life and desulfate using Epson salt and pulse technology to increase the amps capacity and amp and cold cranking amp or cca of a sulfate sulfated lead acid battery. Lead-Acid Batteries can become sulfated or build up sulfate over time, requiring desulfation to correct the sulfate problem of the battery. the use of a epson salt and capacitive battery charger can correct this disastrous. Just make sure you do you desulfate your lead-acid batteries carefully. Using a capacitive battery charger to pulse the battery can help break down the sulfate and restore the amps and cold cranking amps. This method of desulfation is very important. Desulfate and recycle! Sulfate build up is bad! Mmmmkay! This method is also a good way to recycle lead acid batteries, as recycling is good, ok!

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Worst battery leakage I’ve ever seen! Casio CT 380

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In this episode, I find an old Casio keyboard at an estate sale that has been eaten alive by battery leakage. I spend some time doing a full restoration on it and then a quick demonstration.