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PYLE PWMA50B 50W Portable Waist-Band PA System

The PWMA50B is a compact, lightweight portable PA system with iPod support and included headset lavalier microphone. Looking at its small size you’d be surprised at how loud and clear it is, making it perfect for guiding people through noisy, busy environments, or ensuring you’re heard in large groups or crowds. Comes in black, white, or silver.

Product Features

  • Small Super Powerful Voice Amplifier Used by Teachers, Coaches, Tour Guides, Presentations, US Army – Frequency Response: 100hz +/- 13db1khz +/- 1db – Rechargeable 7.4 Volt Lithium Battery
  • Built In Rechargeable Lithium Batteries That Last Up To 12 Hours Of Continuous Use Before Needing A Charge – Current Consumption: 150ma
  • Projection Range Up To 1/2 Mile – Charging Time: 6 Hours – Speaker Dimensions 3.86 x 3.62 x 1.85 Inches

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2 thoughts on “PYLE PWMA50B 50W Portable Waist-Band PA System

  1. Works well I tried a slightly cheaper brand and it was junk. I wasn’t expecting much with this one but to my surprise it’s a great purchase. I can turn the volume up to maximum as long as the unit isn’t close to the microphone. If it’s too close it screeches as any unit will do. The webbed waist belt is very very generous so I can wear it low on the hip instead of around the waist and that solves any feedback possibilities. It has a nice plastic buckle. The mic needs to be close to the mouth. The…

  2. I bought this Pyle-Pro and the Audio 2000 AWP6202 to compare – here are my thoughts on both… I bought both this Pyle-Pro PWMA50W (with rechargeable batteries) as well as the Audio 2000 AWP6202 (with normal batteries). This review will compare both.Pyle Pro vs Audio 2000: I wasn’t sure which unit to buy – so I bought both. The Pyle Pro is a bit cheaper ($5), the speaker unit is a lot smaller and lighter, and it uses rechargeable batteries that are included. So I really liked the idea of the Pyle Pro and thought I was going to want to keep it. However, when I compared the…

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