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Amcrest AM-GL300 V3 Portable Mini Real-Time GPS Tracker – Unlimited Text Message / Email Alerts, Geo-Fencing, 10-14 Day Battery, No Contracts, Upgraded GSM

Our GPS tracker continues the Amcrest tradition of providing superb surveillance tech at an unparalleled value: there are no expensive contracts or activation fees, $19.99 month-to-month service available for use whenever you need it. All of the essential activity monitoring and recording features of a professional grade GPS tracker are there, such as full quad-band support, but we have also complemented them with sophisticated tools such as SOS location broadcasts, vehicular speed alerts, and custom geofencing. Tracker data is easily accessible through a secure connection from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. The Amcrest GPS mobile app allows to keep track of all that you love. Our FCC certified devices are manufactured to the highest quality control standards and warrantied for a full year from purchase, making this the best value available for a GPS tracker purchase (see specifications below).

Product Features

  • TRACK ALL THAT YOU LOVE – Whether you’re wanting to follow yourself, a family member, pets or anything that you love, the Amcrest GPS Tracker allows you to track anything, from anywhere. Able to fit in the palm of your hand and slightly smaller than a cigarette lighter, the Amcrest GPS tracker takes advantage of full quad-band transmission and is always able to go whenever and wherever you want it to go.
  • KNOW YOUR BOUNDARIES – Define specific zones that you want to monitor or avoid with the intelligent geo-fencing attribute. Establish three different types of zones to further define your boundaries. Set max speed (vehicles only), proximity and more to match your preferences. Setting zones allows your GPS to trigger an alarm should it come within, outside or reach a specific point, defined by you.
  • BUILT FOR THE JOURNEY – Stay connected with a longer battery life of 10-14 days on a full charge. Using its compatible IP67 Heavy-Duty Weatherproof Magnetic Casing* (not included; sold separately), your GPS is able to withstand direct hits from jets of water, mud, wind and dust. Never worry about losing sight of who you’re tracking.
  • ALWAYS ACCESSIBLE – Access your device’s reports via PC, Mac or smartphone (Amcrest GPS app via iOS or Android). Featuring an intuitive UI, you’re able to easily monitor activity, manage alerts and generate custom reports for the information you need. Receive text or email notifications whenever the alarm is triggered by your GPS Tracker so that you’re always prepared.
  • GET IN THE ZONE – Stay in the zone with a monthly subscription of 19.99/month without a contract, activation or cancellation fees. Customize your reports to show the data you care about the most. Send your collected data to anyone via text or email to bring them into your zone. Tailor your Amcrest GPS Tracker to fit your needs so that when someone’s on the go, you’re always in the know.

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3 thoughts on “Amcrest AM-GL300 V3 Portable Mini Real-Time GPS Tracker – Unlimited Text Message / Email Alerts, Geo-Fencing, 10-14 Day Battery, No Contracts, Upgraded GSM

  1. A small mighty and cost-effective GPS tracker A small mighty GPS tracker which has the lowest cost to track whatever you want to. I came across to this tracker because I want a tracker which could be tracking my father’s car he just dropped the STAR subscription and he kept lost the memory of the location of his car and the subscription of STAR system which cost about $300~400 / year, but with Amcrest tracker, I just need to pay 20 / month and more services it offers such as speed , location etc. After tried about two weeks, I am so…

  2. Very accurate as far as I can tell! Holds very long lasting 10day charge! Yet small enough to be tossed in your Bag, pocket, or even hidden/ used as spy tec. To keep track of anything you wish. Including 14yr old daughters that don’t answer cell phones! lol Since it’s smaller than a bottle of polish. She hasn’t noticed it in her purse, & I don’t have to worry about a charge!! Its good for 10 days!! Only $19 a month, no contracts (cancel & start as often as you need), & fairly easy…

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