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62 Airstream Argosy Motorhome (1975)

Airstream Argosy Motorhome (1974-79) Engine 5700cc V8

Registration Number KND 195 N (Manchester)


Beginning in 1974 Airstream began manufacturing a Class A motorhome, badged “Argosy”. These began as painted aluminum 20- and 24-foot models, to be followed in 1979 by the Classic with an unpainted aluminium body.The Argosy motorhome were in production from 1975 until 1979 They were built in a separate facility in Versailles, OH. In 1979 there were three models of motorhomes built. The Argosy, a painted Airstream (truly an Argosy with Airstream logos and different paint scheme) and the first silver bullet Airstream motorhome.” The Argosy trailers were also built at the Versailles, Ohio plant.

The Argosy motorhome (and the ’79 painted Airstream) were built differently. The upper rear segment was a one piece steel segement. whereas the Airstream used 5 aluminum segments instead.


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9 Bedford CF Caravanette (1985)

Bedford CF (1969-88) Engine 2279cc S4 Petrol

Registration Number B 987 UUG (Leeds)


Introduced in 1969 the CF line ran for almost 20 years, in Germany and some other European markets the model was known as the Opel Blitz. The CF was available in three body styles, a standard panel van, a special van body (essentially a self contained cab with a general purpose chassis onto which a wide variety of custom built bodies could be built) and the Dormobile caravanette

This has a Glendale body.


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RV Investigator

A voyage through the Great Barrier Reef on the RV Investigator, from September to October 2017, to address key science questions about the role of atmospheric composition in the GBR region.


The project is lead by QUT

Professor Zoran Ristovski and Dr Branka Miljevic from the School of Chemistry, Physics, and Mechanical Engineering (CPME).