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100 ‘ feet TRUE 12 Gauge AWG Speaker Wire Car Home Audio Sky High Car Audio ft

Sky High Car Audio 12 ga AWG speaker wire. (1) 100 ft length Comes cut from spool and does not include the spool itself. -All items ship same day priority mail and will be to your door in 1-3 days. -If you have any questions feel free to ask. -Thanks for looking! NOTE: We sell a wide array of high end car audio components including; Sky High Car Audio Cable, DC Audio subs and amps, XS Power batteries and accessories, Steve Meade Designs (SMD) installation tools and accessories. So if you are interested in any of the listed brands please send us an email and one of our knowledgable staff members will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Product Features

  • Sky High Car Audio Cable
  • Same day shipping
  • True 12 ga AWG
  • Flexible strong jacket
  • This is CCA cable, we also carry OFC if you prefer that.

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3 thoughts on “100 ‘ feet TRUE 12 Gauge AWG Speaker Wire Car Home Audio Sky High Car Audio ft

  1. Cantr beat this stuff for the price! Excellent quality and true 16 gauge wire! I recently did an amp and 6 speaker install on my Street Glide. I asked around about wire and got told several times to use this wire. I rolled the dice and got it in. Man was I surprised at the quality of this wire for the price. TRUE 16 GAUGE WIRE. Not the outer sheathing….the wire itself is 16 gauge. Nice! Nice and flexible for running under my fairing too. Smooth really rubbery feel to it. Contrasting black and blue wires…can tell which is which at a glance…better than looking for a…

  2. I like this wire had to route about 80 feet I like this wire had to route about 80 feet, very flexible soft wire make running it a lot easier than wire that is stiff it is not 100% copper but I can’t tell any difference in the sound, I’m sure there is a difference but it’s not worth it to me to pay the extra money since I probably could hear the differance anyways, it doesn’t come on a spool but it was nicely rolled up and raped in a plastic wrap the 2 different colors makes it easy to keep your positive and negative connections from…

  3. Love this wire! Did a lot of research into the wire I would need for various projects. I love that the wires are bonded together to keep the wiring neat and organized on projects. Easy to split them when needed. The wire and coating are excellent quality! I use it for various electronics projects – for an RC hovercraft and robotics and it works great! Handles the current I put through it (but I knew how much current I would be using and bought the appropriate gauge for my needs). Very…

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